VH-BWB  (2)  DHC-1 Chipmunk T.10                                        (c/n  C1/0055)


                                     Here's -BWB along with -BWK basking in the sun at Parafield in January of 1963.   A nice
                                     evocative shot by Geoff Goodall, with both machines in the original livery.  When overhauled
                                     in 1964 -BWB was left minus its fin flash (see Bob Neate's shot below taken at Parafield on
                                     15 January 1964).   A little more than two weeks (on 2 February 1964) later it was destroyed
                                     when it failed to recover from solo spin practice in the Parafield training area seriously injuring
                                     the pilot, Miss D. Workman.   The machine came to rest in the grounds of the South Australian
                                     Gas Co at Port Adelaide.  Fortunately Miss Workman was not killed.