VH-BVC  Cessna 182A Skylane                           (c/n  34670)


                                            Here's VH-BVC at Moorabbin in September 1966 all decked out in Ansett-ANA Charter
                                            Service livery, like a diminutive airliner.    It was first registered on 27 July 1958 to Madang
                                            Air Services of Madang in PNG.    This outfit was absorbed into Ansett-MAL then transferred
                                            from New Guinea to Essendon for parent company Ansett-ANA.     The Cessa subsequently
                                            became part of a small charter aircraft fleet.   By November 1968 when Greg Banfield saw it
                                            at Bankstown (below) it was wearing the same basic livery but with Arro Flight titling.
                                            VH-BVC is still current and is today registered in Ballarat, Victoria.