VH-BVB (2)  Cessna 172C Skyhawk                     (c/n  49025)


                                        VH-BVB (1) was a Cessna 170B which spent just about all of its time in New Guinea, which is
                                        probably why I haven't been able to glean an image of it,     -BVB (2), is seen above at Narrogin,
                                        WA in this photo from the Geoff Goodall collection, (taken during one of the many air trials held
                                        in WA in the 1960s and 70s, as evidenced by its trials number).  It first cane on the register in the
                                        early 1960s as VH-RDY, and then went to the Royal Victorian Aero Club as VH-RVP the fourth.
                                        The Royal Vic traded it to Cessna dealers Schutt Aviation in August 1967 on a newer model,
                                        whereupon this one became -BVB (2).    It was written off when it crashed at Northampton, WA
                                        on 17 October 1976.