VH-BUK  Airspeed AS57 Ambassador 2    (c/n  5227)


                                  VH-BUK was the last of the three Ambassadors acquired by Butler Air Transport in 1957.
                                  My shot was taken at Essendon in March 1958.  (Sorry about the water tower, but it couldn't
                                  be helped in order to get a nice side view).  The photo below, from the Jeff Atkinson collection
                                  (via Geoff Goodall), is rare insofar as it shows an Ambassador in actual BAT service with the
                                  ground crew standing by, etc., whilst the shot at the foot of the page, from the Ben Dannecker
                                  collection shows a close up of the Ambassador receiving some attention.    VH-BUK reverted
                                  to its former registration G-AMAE in November 1959 when Ansett forced Butler to divest itself
                                  of the "orphan" aircraft type, and it was sold, like the other two, to Dan-Air Services, Ltd.