VH-BUI   Airspeed AS57 Ambassador 2                  (c/n  5220)

                                   In 1957 Butler Air Transport acquired three Airspeed Ambassadors.    In his recently published
                                   memoirs, Arthur Butler reveals how impressed he was with the Ambassador and his eager purchase
                                   of the type to improve the standard of DC-3 travel on his airline's NSW country routes.   However
                                   when Butler Air Transport was taken over by Ansett-ANA in 1958, Reginald Ansett ordered that
                                   the three Ambassadors be sold because they were an "orphan" aircraft type requiring uneconomic
                                   spares and support backup.   They were sold to Dan-Air Services Ltd of London, flown back to
                                   the UK, and reverted to their previous regos, VH-BUI being G-ALZX.     Except for VH-BUK,
                                   photographs of BAT Ambassadors are somewhat difficult to come by.  The above shot is an Eric
                                   Allan photo (via Geoff Goodall) and depicts VH-BUI at Mascot circa 1958.    The image below
                                   was taken by Ian MacFarlane at London Heathrow after it had been returned in October 1958.
                                   It was soon to become G-ALZX again.