VH-BTT de Havilland D.H.82A Tiger Moth          (c/n  DHA870)


                                 The above shot of VH-BTT at Maylands, Perth, WA  showing it retired from agricultural work, and
                                 out on the grass, was taken by Mike Madden (image via the Geoff Goodall collection) in March 1963. 
                                 The aircraft was owned at the time by Hal Watts' Rural Aviation Co.    Its last flying sortie had been
                                 six months earlier, spraying mosquitos along the Canning River near Perth.  This Tiger was abandoned
                                 at Maylands when the aerodrome closed in June 1963 until moved by road to a house in the Perth sub-
                                 urb of Belmont where it joined two other Rural Aviation Tigers for planned rebuilds.    However -BTT
                                 was onsold to Les Kordys at Trayning WA who stored it in his farm hangar as spare parts for his air-
                                 worthy Tiger VH-AMY.   The image below, taken by Geoff Goodall shows -BTT stored dismantled
                                 in Kordy's hangar in December 1969.    VH-BTT had originally been A17-640 in the RAAF and was
                                 civilianized as VH-RSB for the Royal Aero Club of NSW.