VH-BTP  Cessna 310D                           (c/n  39039)


                                      Imported by Rex Aviation in 1960 as one of the several aircraft to bear the registration VH-REX, this
                                      310D was originally N6739T.       It was sold to the Queensland Air Ambulance Board as VH-ATP
                                      in September 1960.   When traded in by the QATB in September 1967 the lead letter was changed
                                      to a "B".  It is seen (above) at the Cairns base of QATB just after that change took place in a photo
                                      by Dave Thollar (via Geoff Goodall), and (below), in Geoff's own shot, at Jandakot in July 1975 after
                                      many changes of ownership and now in the hands of a Perth private owner.  Unfortunately it crashed
                                      the following month at Karratha WA on 4 August 1975.