VH-BTN  Aero Commander 680FLP Grand Commander      (c/n  1695-35)


                                  Airlines of Tasmania was founded in the 1970s as a regional airline based in Hobart.  It originally
                                  operated mainly wilderness tours and scenic flights although this section of the business was
                                  seconded off to a Division named Par-Avion in 1984 and Airlines of Tasmania itself concentrated
                                  on scheduled services to Launceston, Flinders Island and Essendon.  The above shot was taken
                                  at Essendon in October 1983 whilst I was on a trip to Oz  when I was residing in Malaysia.   This
                                  Grand Commander was one of 37 pressurized versions of the 680 built and is still owned by the air-
                                  line.   It came from Europe in July 1970 (ex D-IBME and F-BOJM) and has been maintained over
                                  the years, sometimes acquiring bits and pieces from other Commanders in order to keep it going.
                                  John Wheatley's photo below was taken shortly after it arrived in Australia and whilst it was operated
                                  by Bizjets.   Finally, at the foot of the page is a shot by Ian McDonell taken at Mudgee, NSW in June
                                  2009 looking decidely bedraggled.