VH-BSR  DHC-1 Chipmunk T.10                                          (c/n C1/0189)


                                Ex WB743, this Chipmunk came onto the register in 1957.   The two shots above are both from the
                                Geoff Goodall collection.  The top one was taken at my old stomping grounds of Western Junction,
                                Launceston, Tasmania in September of 1962 (I was long gone by that time, and was then working for
                                Western Air Lines out of  LA).    In the lower shot, taken at Managlore, Victoria in 1968, the aircraft
                                has grown a pair of swank looking spats that look like they may have come off a Cessna.  VH-BSR
                                was withdrawn from use in 1980, although has now been restored as VH-OSR, the rego -BSR having
                                been re-allocated.