VH-BSM  DHC-1 Chipmunk T.10                  (c/n  C1-0051)


                                   This was one of the Aero Club of Southern Tasmania's former machines, imported in 1957.
                                   The photo above was taken by Norm Weeding at Cambridge, Hobart, circa 1958 whilst
                                   by the time Geoff Goodall took the hangar shot below (at Benella in 1969), the Chipmunk
                                   was owned by W.N. Sherwill.   In 1972, whilst towing a glider, it struck a fence near Benalla
                                   and was out of commission for a while, the rebuild taking place at Albury.   Sadly, Sherwill
                                   was killed on 4 December 1988 when the aircraft failed to complete a low level loop and
                                   struck the ground.