VH-BSF  Avro 652A Anson 1   


                                   Above is a nice photograph by Neil Follett (via Geoff Goodall) of an Anson with Brain & Brown
                                   Airfreighters Pty Ltd at Moorabbin in 1960.   When I took my own shot (below) several years
                                   earlier in 1956, the titling had not been applied.  VH-BSF, ex W1954, was civilianized in 1953
                                   and was one of those Ansons the RAAF held onto for several years after the war  It appeared to
                                   be in pretty good shape when I viewed it, although Neil's photo shows some paint peeling on the
                                   cowling.    VH-BSF was withdrawn from use in 1962 when the DCA refused to grant further Cs
                                  of A to Ansons and other wood bonded types.