VH-BSD  de Havilland D.H.82A Tiger Moth                        (c/n  DHA1080)


                                     In September of 1953 DCA sold three canopied Tigers - VH-CAD/E & F.  I was a member of
                                     the Tasmanian Aero Club at the time.   "We" kept one of them (-CAD) and the other two went
                                     to the Aero Club of Southern Tasmania in Hobart, after a short sojourn in Launceston wherein
                                     our Tiger guy had overhauled them.  Evidently the Hobart Aero Club picked up VH-BSD in the
                                     early 1960s, as evidenced by this rare shot from the late Peter Limon collection (courtesy of Geoff
                                     Goodall), taken at Cambridge (Tasmania) Airport in 1962.   VH-BSD was the former VH-CAE
                                     and VH-AZJ and A17-749 before that.   It wound up with the Drage's Air World collection at
                                     Wangaratta and is still registered to Joe Drage.  Geoff Goodall took a shot of it at Wondonga in
                                     May 1973 (below) where it had just been rolled out of Joe's first hangar.  That's Joe in the cockpit.
                                     Drage had a rural property where he built a display hangar for his growing fleet of vintage aircraft. 
                                     The collection later moved to Wangaratta to a purpose built very large hangar to become Drage's
                                     Air World, with a restaurant and bus station for Melbourne-Sydney bus lines - quite a way to
                                     generate a captive audience for the aircraft museum!   Unfortunately, Drage's Air World closed
                                     in 2003., although, as indicated above, Joe still owns this Tiger.