VH-BRO  Chrislea CH-3 Super Ace 2      (c/n    132)


                                 It certainly looks "cute" but in its original configuration the Super Ace was a horrible aircraft to
                                 fly.   First off, it had no rudder pedals (like an Ercoupe).  Secondly, the control column protruded
                                 from the dashboard (like a Stinson) but, instead of pushing and pulling, diving and climbing was
                                 achieved by moving the wheel up and down.   This went over like the proverbial lead balloon
                                 with most flying instructors and hence when the tail dragger Skyjeep appeared (see next entry)
                                 the controls had reverted to normal stick and rudder bar operation.  In fact, most Super Aces
                                 were retroactively modified to have conventional controls including pulling and pushing of the
                                 control column.   I am sure that VH-BRO was one such since I cannot imagine DCA would have
                                 certified it in its original configuration knowing what sticklers they were for safety (and rightly so,
                                 too).     This machine was on display at Chewing Gum Field in Tallebudgera, Queensland. in the
                                1990s, but its current status is unknown.