VH-BRB  Boeing-Canada PB2B-2 Catalina    (c/n  61197)


                               This is Barrier Reef Airways' Catalina at Hayman Island in 1951,  Even on my original print the
                               rego is not sufficiently clear to state definitively that it is VH-BRB, but I am assured by its provenance
                               that that is so.   This aircraft saw service with the RAAF as A24-369.   In 1952 Ansett took over
                               full control of both Barrier Reef Airways and Trans Oceanic Airways to form Ansett Flying Boat
                               Services (AFBS).  However, VH-BRB was not one of the assets appearing on the books of AFBS,
                               although it was not officially stricken off the register until 1953,