VH-BQN (2)  de Haviiland D.H.82A Tiger Moth                     (c/n  DHA1067)


                                    At the time that the above shot, from the CAHS archives was taken, (most likely at an air show
                                    at Berwick in February 1975). Tigers were becoming somewhat of a rarity.   Of course, I recall
                                    the days when ALL the clubs had Tigers and nothing else except the odd Auster or two!  Anyway
                                    this,. the second -BQN was formerly VH-RQA (and A17-736 before that), and was re-registered
                                    in 1966 when sold off by the Royal Queensland  Aero Club.   Greg Banfield's color photo below
                                    was taken at the same air show at Berwick in 1975.   -BQN had just received an extensive rest-
                                    oration.   Unfortunately it was damaged by fire near Streatham, Victoria two years later (February
                                    1977) and written off. .