VH-BPV  (2)  Britten-Norman  BN-2A-8 Islander                    (cc/n 134)


                             Flown to Australia from the Britten-Norman factory as G-AXXF,  VH-BPV was delivered to Bush
                             Pilots Airways, of Cairns, in June 1970 about the time David Carter photographed it at Bankstown
                             in original rego (below) and as VH-BPV (above).         In October 1977 it crossed Torres Strait to
                             Papua New Guinea to become P2-BPV . It returned to the Australian register in March 1978 but 
                             four months later was back in PNG as P2-ISQ with Talair.     The model number was changed to
                             BN-2A-26 to signify an increase in maximum take-off weight.    The Islander stayed in PNG this
                             time and was later registered P2-SAA with Simbu Aviation. It was finally withdrawn from service
                             in 1990.
                            Note: Some sources say VH-BPV was initially registered to Somerset Airways.  Somerset was a
                            small operator bought by BPA in 1963.  There might have been some tax advantage in initially
                            using this company name but the aircraft flew in Bush Pilots markings. By 1976 it was registered
                            in BPA’s name.