VH-BOZ  CAC CA18 Mustang Mk. 22                     (c/n  1524)


                                     This is a much later Mustang than the previous example (VH-BOY), being ex A68-199.   It also
                                     was registered to Fawcett Aviation (one of its enterprises was the Illawarra Flying School).
                                     In 1979 it was ostensibly sold to Warbirds of GB Ltd  (Douglas Arnold) and assigned the registration
                                     G-MUST.  David Muir reports
                                               "Although granted an Export Permit ‘Miss Zulu’ was involved in an attempt to smuggle the ex
                                                Marshall Collection Messerschmitt Bf 109G out of Australia and was impounded by Customs.
                                                Eventually it made its way to the RAAF Museum and recently to Tyabb where it is now owned
                                                by Graham Hosking."

Seen below are two prints from slides digitized in 2008 by Maurice Austin for the CAHS archives
                                    of -BOZ at Adelaide in the 1970s.    It would appear that the Mustang was target towing at the time
                                    as the winch is fitted and it is receiving attention from the pilot.       Finally at the bottom of the page
                                    are two shots by Greg Banfield showing -BOZ in yet more and different paint jobs, both at Banks-
                                    town, viz:  Upper in December 1972 and lower in August 1974.