VH-BOW  CAC CA-18 Mustang Mk.21                              (c/n  1425)


                                   This shot of VH-BOW by Ian McDonell was taken at Bankstown in April 1966.   It was owned by
                                   Fawcett Aviation and, although assigned a registration by DCA and used as a radio call sign, it was
                                   never formally added to the register.     Doug Fawcett modified the Mustang for high altitude photo-
                                   graphic survey work and it was first test flown at Bankstown on 8 December 1961.     However the
                                   project was abandoned and -BOW made its last test flight in March 1962.  It was then parked and
                                   stripped for parts to maintain Fawcett's target-tug Mustangs VH-BOY & BOZ.    It was eventually
                                   sold to Canadian Ed Fleming's Skyservice Aviation of Camden in 1967 and shipped "as is" to the
                                   USA as a restoration project.    It became N51AB, albeit with the phony P-51D identity 44-14777
                                   since the FAA (in those days) would not certify foreign built ex military aircraft.    I believe that rule
                                   has now been waived.    N51AB still flies and is named "Flying Dutchman".   Curtis Fowles has a
                                   nice shot of it as such at: