VH-BOU (2)  Hawker Sea Fury FB.11


                                       Greg Banfield's shot of this Sea Fury in civil markings was taken at Bankstown on 2 November
                                       1966.  The color image below, shown with wings folded, is from the Civil Aviation Historical
                                       Society archives.       This aircraft was ex WH588 and was used  for target towing and radar
                                       calibration duties under contract to the military.  In those days the operation of "true" warbirds
                                       was not permitted in Australia unless aircraft required for particular functions could not be
                                       derived through any other source.  VH-BOU later sported a green and yellow paint job as
                                       seen in the color shot at the foot of the page from the Ken Watson collection.  It later assumed
                                       a pseudo-RAN livery.  After that it went to the US as aircraft. N588.  It wound up back in the
                                       U.K. in the early new millennium and was the machine in which Paul Morgan was fatally injured
                                       when it overturned on landing at Sywell, Northants on 12 May 2001.      Since then it has been
                                       under restoration by Don Borgstrom in Sweden.