VH-BOS  DHC-2 Beaver 1                                       (c/n  462)


                                This shot is courtesy of the Neil Aird collection, and was taken in May of 2005.  See Neil's
                                complete treatment of c/n 462 under his fantastic Beaver Tails site at:
                                VH-BOS has a complicated history, which I cover in my narrative under VH-AAW.  Oddly,
                                although Altair Aviation had owned the aircraft for over a decade when Neil took this shot, it
                                was still wearing its prior New Zealand owner's Griffin AgAir titling.  It is still on the register.
                                Interestingly, the rego VH-BOS was not alloted by DCA back in 1947 when the VH-BOx
                                group of Tiger Moths was registered.