VH-BOQ  Auster IIIF                                          (c/n  613)


                               This was the former VH-BCQ (an easy rego change, although why the switch I don't know) and
                               A11-36 before that.  It first came on the register in 1947 and became -BOQ in August of 1949.
                               Bob Neate's shot above taken at Warracknabeal, Victoria in 1961 shows it wearing the name
                               Rena II.   What was Rena I?   Geoff Goodall's shot below was taken six years on at Ararat,
                               Vic in July 1967.   -BOQ is still current and registered to an owner in South Australia, dressed
                               up, naturally, in authentic SEAC colors as A11-36, and with the original greenhouse cabin glazing
                               restored.  Dan Shumaker has a 1980s era shot of it so adorned on Ron Dupas' site at: