VH-BOO  Piper PA-24-400 Comanche               (c/n  26-20)


                                     Only 148 of the 400 hp, enlarged horizontal stabilizer Comanches were built.   This one was
                                     imported (ex N8438P) in August of 1965.   They were the only Comanches to receive 26-
                                     series c/ns, although originally that designation had been reserved for the PA-24-250 (and up).
                                     Greg Banfield photographed -BOO at Orange, NSW in February 1966.        Danny Tanner's
                                     shot below was at Parafield in December 1978 when the aircraft had participated in the Benson
                                     & Hedges Australian Air Race.  VH-BOO was written off in a crash at West Beach, South
                                      Australia on 31 May 1984.