VH-BOJ  (2)  Auster J/1 Autocrat                                (c/n  1894)


                                     This ancient Autocrat was built in 1946 as G-AGXD.  It was exported to Australia  in 1955 as
                                     VH-DDY.   It was re-registered VH-RQJ in 1959 and re-identified again in 1961 to VH-BOJ(2).
                                     Somewhere along the way it traded its 100 hp Blackburn Cirrus Minor for a 120 hp Lycoming
                                     and at the same time had its glazing area reworked so that its final appearance made it look for
                                     all the world like a Piper PA-12.     Quite nice, actually.      It was withdrawn from use in 1974.
                                     Bob Livingston's shot (above, via Geoff Goodall) was taken at Archerfield in August 1966 when
                                     the aircraft sported a yellow and white paint scheme.