VH-BNE  (1)  Noorduyn UC-64A Norseman                              (c/n  271)


                                      This was the RAAF's former A71-13, civilianized in November 1948 for Gibbes Sepik Airways
                                      in New Guinea.  The rare, albeit rather washed out, shot above is from the Neville Parnell collection.
                                      VH-BNE overturned during a forced landing in a swamp at Lake Kopiagu, New Guinea on 29 June
                                      1957.  The pilot and 3 passengers received minor injuries, but to salvage the aircraft from the remote
                                      site, Gibbes Sepik Airways dismantled the aircraft into sections which were carried overland by a
                                      team of 120 native carriers, hacking a path through the jungle. - BNE went on to fly again, and after
                                      Gibbes Sepik were taken over by Mandated Airlines, it was reregistered VH-GSD.  A photo of the
                                      result of the afore-mentioned accident appears below, taken by James Sinclair.  Both shots via Geoff