VH-BNB (3)  Cessna 150F                                      (c/n  61568)


                                     A John Wheatley shot of -BNB the third in a line up of other aircraft at Alice Springs in the early
                                    1970s    It had a couple of previous identities over a short period of time, having been first regis-
                                    tered in Australia in September of 1965 as VH-SAX, then changed to VH-RGE and finally to
                                    VH-BNB(3) in May of 1966.    It had an accident in March 1997 when it overturned in landing
                                    at a rural strip 4 km north of Bannockburn, Victoria, but I believe it was repaired from this crash.
                                    Its final fate is unknown, since the registration today (2015) is allotted to a second hand Cessna 175,
                                   first registered in 2008.