VH-BNA  Auster J/5B Autocar                               (c/n  3167)

                                  This was the former VH-RNA.    Geoff Goodall, who took  the above shot at Parafield in May
                                  1963, reports that " the owner of -BNA flew all over Australia in it taking movies of scenery and
                                  events, then lived a gypsy life showing his movies in halls in country towns for a small fee. He
                                  nicknamed the Auster 'Banana' because of its reg, and promoted his movies as 'Adventures of
                                  Banana and me'.  He flew into Emu Field in 1967 to film the Parafield boys trucking the Mustangs
                                  out and filmed the first flight of A68-1".  Oh, for a copy of that movie!    VH-BNA is still on the
                                  register and is based nowadays in South Australia.