VH-BMW   Miles M65 Gemini 1A         (c/n   6504)


                                   Photographs taken half in the shade of a hangar like this are extremely difficult to print.  I had
                                   the same problem later on at Santa Paula (California) Municipal Airport, where 'classic' old
                                   birds were stashed between hangars with an even more contrast to light and shadow than this
                                   Gemini presented at Moorabbin in the summer of 1955.  Alistair Coutts had somewhat better
                                   luck at Maylands, Perth in February 1963 when he took the shot immediately below (from the
                                   Geoff Goodall collection).   Unfortunately by then its time was running out, for, despite looking
                                   in good condition, it had already been retired by its last owner, Nor West Whaling Co at Carn-
                                   arvon. They had used it for whale spotting operations until the DCA grounding order, when they
                                   replaced it with the Piper Apache VH-BUA.  The Gemini remained parked at Maylands after
                                   the airfield closed in June 1963 and all airworthy residents moved to the pristine new Jandakot
                                   Airport, south of Perth. Weather beaten but still complete, the Gemini was destroyed by vandals
                                   one night in June 1964.  VH-BMW was the former G-AKGB and was originally imported in 1949.