VH-BLY  Avro 652A Anson 1


                                        Airlines (WA) Ltd purchased a total of 14 Ansons from Commonwealth Disposals Commission
                                        sales at the RAAF Station at Geraldton WA, of which 8 were given civil conversions for use on
                                        their postwar services.  VH-BLY was formerly W2041 and this rare photograph from the John
                                        Hopton collection shows it at Perth Airport soon after completing its conversion overhaul in Nov
                                        1948.    The greenhouse glazing was replaced with passenger windows and an attractive airline
                                        color scheme adorned the aircraft.  When Airlines (WA) introduced their new D.H.104 Doves,
                                        the Ansons were retired and -BLY was broken up in October 1950.