VH-BLV      CAC CA6 Wackett Trainer                 (c/n  319)


                                  This was the nicest of the Tasmanian Aero Club's Wacketts.  I flew it whenever I had a spare
                                  quid or two.  It was formerly A3-85.  The above shot was taken at Western Junction, Launceston,
                                  Tasmania in November 1953.   This Wackett was wfu ten years later (Sept 1963) later by which
                                  time I was living in L.A.    The historic shot below was obtained by Martin Eadie and shows the
                                  entire Tasmanian Aero Club fleet lined up on the tarmac.   The fact that the three ex-DCA Tigers
                                  VH-CAD/E/F had not yet been repainted as VH-BSB/D/E respectively indicates that this shot was
                                  taken in August 1953.