VH-BLF (3)  Beech 35-33 Debonair                             (c/n  CD-117)


                                VH-BLF was  registered in March 1967 to Frank Fleming and Sons, of Brisbane, a major  earth-
                                moving company that used it to fly to projects all over Queensland.     David Carter photographed
                                it when it was visiting Bankstown on April 3, 1971.  The Debonair had been VH-MIL since arriv-
                                ing in Australia in February 1961.      Fleming and Sons replaced –BLF with a Beech 95 Travelair
                                and the Debonair passed through several hands before being sold in the UK in 1983.     However,
                                before it could be formally registered in Britain it was lost in an accident.