VH-BLB  Fairchild 24W-41A  Argus II    (c/n  856)


                                     My shot (above) shows this Argus out in the hay field at Bankstown in 1955.  Bob Neate's nice
                                     hangar shot (below), also at Bankstown, was taken nine years later in January 1964.  Finally, at
                                     the foot of the page is an image by Paul Lucas in Queensland showing -BLB as it now is today.
                                     This aircraft was another Lend-Lease asset, originally a Fairchild UC-6!A Forwarder which went
                                     to the RAF as an Argus II with serial number HB619.   It was civilianized in 1947 as G-AIXM,
                                     and imported into Australia in 1952.