VH-BKG  Piper PA-28R Cherokee Arrow 180                                      (c/n  28R-30508)


                                      This retracable gear Cherokee was photographed at Essendon, Melbourne in May 1973 by Daniel
                                      Tanner.  Note third cabin window on this model PA-28.   It was powered by a 180 h.p. Lycoming
                                      IO-360-BIE engine with constant speed prop.      The prototype flew in 1967 although -BKG was
                                      first registered in January 1970.  It was destroyed in a crash near Kenilworth, Queensland on 15
                                      October 1975 when it struck a tree short of the landing area and tore the starboard wing off.  The
                                      pilot was able to get the passengers out before a fire completely enveloped the aircraft.