VH-BJJ  Beech C-18S                                        (c/n 4213)

                                     This photograph by Richard Maclean at Essendon in 1957 shows the Beech 18 in the role
                                     for which it was designed.....namely that of executive transport.   Thiess Brothers, a large
                                     construction contractor used if for ferrying top brass around.  This particular machine was
                                     actually built as a Beech SNB-2 Navigator for the US Navy with BuAer No 39194, but
                                     was refurbished so nicely it looked like it had been purpose-built as a C-18S.   In 1958 it
                                     was sold to Connellan Airways of Alice Springs, N.T. becoming VH-CLG.  It is currently
                                     preserved at the Queensland Air Museum at Caloundra, roughly 100 km north of Brisbane.