VH-BIZ (3)  Dassault Falcon 20CC                     (c/n  73/419)


                                               This Fan Jet Falcon was unique in that it was the only Model 20CC built.   It had low pressure
                                               tires and dual-wheel undercarriage for unprepared strips.  First flown at Bordeaux as F-WJML
                                               it was sold in Australia in July of 1967.  The fuselage titling reads 'Business Jets Pty Ltd'.   Greg
                                               Banfield saw it at Mascot on 6 December 1969, looking immaculate in a sharp white with black
                                               and gold trim (and gold fin) finish.  It returned to France in September 1973 as F-WMKG before
                                               being to to sold to the Government of Zaire as 9Q-CKZ.  It was then acquired by Finans Scandic
                                               in Luxembourg as LX-AAA and then in December 1984 it went to Norway as LN-AAA. In Dec
                                               1988 it was sold in the US but was reported to have been burned out in May 1989...