VH-BHH  Lockheed 12A                        (c/n 1275)


                                        This aircraft was also known as the 'Electra Junior' although that name seems to have
                                        been used mainly in the USA.  VH-BHH was originally built in 1939 as an executive
                                        transport for Pittsburgh Steel as NC18977.   It was impressed into service with the (then)
                                        USAAC as 42-38348 with the designation UC-40D-LO and sent to the UK as part of
                                        the Lend-Lease program.  Civilianized as G-AGWN (why wasn't it shipped back to the
                                        US if it was acquired under Lend-Lease terms?) it flew in the UK for several years.  In 1952
                                        was purchased by The Zinc Corporation (a division of the vast Broken Hill mining complex)
                                        and registered VH-BHH.  It was named 'Silver Star'.  (I guess 'Zinc Star' didn't have a
                                        particularly aesthetic sounding name).   It was re-registered VH-FMS in 1959.  My shots
                                        show it at Essendon in 1955.  The aircraft still exists although plans for its restoration appear
                                        to be on hold.    For more details, history and images of this machine go to the The Airways
                                        Museum and Civil Aviation Historical Society webpage at: