VH-BFA (3)   Aero Commander 100 Darter Commander                    (c/n  265)


`                                     This angular-tailed aircraft was originally built as the Volair 10.  In 1965 Rockwell Standard
                                      acquired  Volaircraft, Inc and continued building the model at their Aero Commander Division
                                      plant in Albany, Georgia.   It was known as the Aero Commander 100.   In 1968 a number of
                                      improvements were made and this version was titled the Darter Commander. Only 335 of this
                                      model aircraft were built.  This one, seen here at Essendon, Melbourne in May 1973 by Daniel
                                      Tanner, was ex N29A when imported, although it was built as N3772X. As far as I know, only
                                      four or five Darter Commanders ever made it to Australia, along with two later model Lark Com-
                                      manders, which had a swept fin and rudder.    VH-BFA was destroyed at Moorooduc Airport ,
                                      Victoria on 15 March 1973 in a rather bizarre accident.   It appears that an unauthorized flight by
                                      a solo student pilot made a 90 degree turn immediately after take-off, whereupon the nose dropped
                                      and the aircraft dived into the ground.  The 27 year old pilot was killed in the resultant fire.