VH-BEB  Callair B1                           (c/n  10008)


                                        The Callair B1 was a scaled up version of the A9A developed by IMCO and powered by a
                                        400 hp Lycoming IO-720-A1A engine.  The prototype, N7200V (c/n 10000) first flew on
                                        15 January 1966.  This example (ex N7278V) was ordered in 1966 by Queensland Airplanters
                                        Pty Ltd of Bundaberg, Qld although had no titling.  It flew demos at an air show at Parafield
                                        in September of 1966, where Geoff Goodall's shot above was taken.      After six months of
                                        operation in Queensland it was ferried back to Bankstown by Don Adams (owner of Queens-
                                        land Airplanters) and, for whatever reason, repatriated back to the US as N7278V in June
                                       1967.   It is still current in the US.