VH-BDH  de Havilland D.H.82A Tiger Moth                  (c/n  82254/T292)


                                      This shot, from the John Patterson collection, shows an Airfarm Associates Tiger in late 1950s.
                                      John was a director of the spreading company from 1983 to 2003, and managed to pull a few
                                      images from company archives. .  This Tiger, a Hatfield-built machine was one of those which
                                      served with the RAAF, but retained their RAF serials, in this case N9135.  It was civilianized in
                                      October 1947 (after being overhauled by de Havilland's, hence the T292 bit of the c/n) and went
                                      to the Royal Newcastle Aero Club, along with VH-ADH.  Were these pseudo 'customized' regos
                                      i.e. 'A' de Havilland and 'B' de Havilland?     In 1956 it was sold to Airfarm  who ran it as an aerial
                                      topdresser for nine years before selling it off to a private owner on 27 July 1964.  It has had several
                                      owners since then and is still on the register, being currently registered to an owner in Stawell, Vic.