VH-BDF  de Havilland D.H.82A Tiger Moth              (c/n  82776/T201)


                                      The only shot I have been able to glean of this Tiger is from the John Patterson collection and was
                                      taken by Noel Parsons following its crash near Armidale, NSW on 31 January 1963.   The aircraft
                                      was owned by Airfarm Associates of Tamworth at the time, and Noel was a long-time loader driver
                                      for the company who was at the dusting site and recalls the event for us:-.                    
                                          "Airfarm's Tigers VH-BDF and VH-BUM were spreading seed at Dangarsleigh a little south-
                                           east of Armidale. The pilot of –BDF, Len Chambers, a new pilot, was under the guidance of
                                           Stuart Brackley the pilot of –BUM.    Obviously he couldn’t watch his every move and –BDF
                                           landed a bit short after one of its runs and went through a fence at the end of the strip.  Fortunately
                                           the fence was old and fell down when hit, otherwise the damage would have been much worse”.
                                     The aircraft was stripped down, placed on a truck, and Noel drove it back to Tamworth for repairs.
                                     It was eventually finally written off in another crash at Inverell, NSW on 1 May 1966.  Such was the
                                     lot of aggie Tigers.