VH-BDB  de Havilland D.H.84 Dragon               (c/n  2063)


                                        Like many civilianized Dragons, VH-BDB spent its latter days in New Guinea.  It is seen above in
                                        this shot from the Geoff Goodall collection whilst in service with Mandated Airlines.    The parent
                                        company W.R.Carpenter's star "C' is on the rudder.   VH-BDB crashed on take-off at Kerowagi, 
                                        New Guinea on 2 April 1951, the pilot J.M.Jenkins receiving serious injuries.   A DCA investigation
                                        found that the aircraft attempted to take off from an airstrip at high density altitude while overloaded
                                        and carrying 8 passengers when it was only certificated to carry 6.    Only 4 seat belts were fitted at
                                        the time and no passengers were wearing seat belts        . Unsecured freight was carried behind the
                                        passengers, which moved forward on impact.    The pilot had not completed a load sheet or, in fact
                                        computed his CofG, plus the tailwind on takeoff exceeded the maximum allowable for Kerowagi. 
                                        Clearly this was sloppy, even allowing for the  'she'll be right, mate' attitude of the time.