VH-BCX  Percival P.28B Proctor 1                               (c/n  K.305)


                                      Imported in December 1953, this Proctor was the former G-AHTV and P6271 in the RAF.  It
                                      is seen above at Archerfield, Brisbane in 1967 in this Neville Parnell photo in a white with dayglo
                                      orange and black trim.  This Proctor had been flown out from England for Arthur Lowe of Julia
                                      Creek, Qld, a veteran outback aviator who owned a number of aircraft.      It was still airworthy
                                      when this shot was taken and was owned, at the time, by Mr. & Mrs. E.M. Shersby of Brisbane.
                                      They kept it until July 1974 when it was retired pending a major overhaul.      It then went on to a
                                      series of owners in Queensland as a restoration project until ending up at Gunnedah, NSW from
                                      where it was sold to Guy Clapshaw of Auckland, New Zealand.  Guy has had subsequently rebuilt
                                      it to immaculate condition with a Percival Gull style cockpit and it is currently registered ZK-DPP.