VH-BBV (3)  Cessna 411                                  (c/n  411-0226)


                                          The Cessna 411 was an 8-seat business twin powered by two 375 hp Continental GTSIO-520-M
                                          engines.  Only 302 of the 411/411A marque were built.    This one was previously VH-KOY (and
                                          N3226R before that).   Greg Banfield's photo above was taken at Bankstown in November 1982,
                                          whilst the image immediately below, by Merv Prime was much earlier, being in February 1967 at
                                          Jandakot.    This shot shows it with its original owner, Bell Brothers Contractors of Perth who were,
                                          at that time, a heavy earth-moving equipment company.   In addition to this work they also operated
                                          an air charter company, the 411 being an important part of that business.  At the foot of the page is
                                          a color shot of this third -BBV by John Wheatley, probably in the easily 1970s.  This aircraft was
                                          slated to be exported to New Zealand in 1977 but whether it actually made it onto the ZK- register
                                          I am not sure.   In any case, it was restored back as VH-BBV by the end of 1977.    It is no longer
                                          current, and, as of 2011 only one Cessna 411 remained on the VH- register.