VH-BBO (2)  Cessna 175                                    (c/n  55522)


                                      The first VH-BBO was an Anson (ex W2062) which was sold in Burma in 1947 as XY-ABG.
                                      The chances of my acquiring a photo of it in any guise are, I suspect, slim to none!    The above
                                      -BBO was registered in July 1962 as a second hand import (ex N7222M) to B.B. Moore of
                                      Branxton, NSW.  Although his initials (VH-BBM) were available for allocation at the time, for
                                      some reason he chose -BBO.  Bob Neate's shot above was taken at Orange, NSW in November
                                      1963.   In August 1964 it was sold to Mining Supplies Company at Kalgoorlie WA, who re-regis-
                                       tered it as VH-MSK in November 1964.