VH-BBK  (1)   Miles M.28 Mercury  Series 2    (c/n    2)


                            I always thought the M.28 was a better looking aircraft than its successor, the M.38 Messenger.
                            Developed as a communications aircraft for the RAF, only six were built.   The second aircraft
                            built was built in Woodley, UK in 1942 and given the development serial number U-0237, later
                            the military serial HM583.  After WW II it was civilianized as G-AJVX.  In 1950 it was purchased
                            by J.E. Nicholson and flown to Perth, W.A. by a Mr. F.Burt.  The trip took 64 days.   It received
                            the Australian registration VH-BBK and remained that way until 1956 when it was re-registered
                            VH-PMG.     Theoretically, this aircraft should be VH-BBK(2).   In the event the first -BBK was
                            to have been an Anson, but this aircraft assumed the identity of VH-BEL instead and the marking
                            -BBK was not taken up in 1947.   I have, therefore, referred to the above as # 1 and the Chipmunk
                             as # 2.