VH-BBI  Avro 652A Anson 1


                                   Here's a great shot (especially for airline buffs, such as myself) of an East-West Airlines Anson
                                   over Tamworth, NSW in 1948.   Geoff Goodall, from whose collection this shot emanates, points
                                   out the unusual shortened nose which was called the "Beaufighter nose", a one-off modification of
                                   its previous owner Western Airways Passenger Services of Warrnmabool, Vic to allow an 8th
                                   passenger seat to be fitted.   Immediately below is a Neville Parnell photo (courtesy of Geoff again)
                                   showing -BBI at  Mackay, Queensland in September 1964, having been retired by its last operator,
                                   Gillham Airways.   It, along with another Anson VH-BEV it had carried tourists to the holiday islands
                                   off the Queensland coast in the Mackay area.    Finally, Geoff himself saw the remains of -BBI at
                                   Mackay in 1965 (bottom photo).  It was broken up for scrap shortly after this shot was taken.