VH-BBH  Fletcher FU-24A                     (c/n  135)

                                    An absolutely stunning skyscape features in this shot by Roger McDonald taken at Goulburn NSW
                                    in November 1969.  The Fletcher was in service with Goulburn Air Service at the time. It had first
                                    been registered on 11 January 1968 (ex ZK-CVS) to Pay & Williamson Pty Ltd of Scone NSW
                                    and then went on to a long list of other operators.   It is still current and registered to a company in
                                    Tenterfield, NSW.   Geoff Goodall's photo (below) was also taken at Goulburn, NSW somewhat
                                    earlier in September 1968 when it was owned by Pay & Williamson.  .  Many Fletchers were sold
                                    in the rural southern NSW area following a demo visit by ZK-CRZ in 1967.