VH-BBA (3)  Cessna 205                                      (c/n  205-0269)

                                        This was the former VH-GBJ, (ex N8269Z) re-registered VH-BBA when acquired by Bell Brothers
                                        Pty Ltd in August 1964.    This company was WA's largest earth moving contractors at the time, and
                                        had several aircraft registered in the VH-BB series.   In addition to company business the aircraft were
                                        also offered on air charter..  VH-BBA was sold to a private owner in Perth and crashed near Ararat,
                                        Victoria when it struck trees on Mount Buangor while on a night VFR flight to Melbourne with the loss
                                        of 5 lives.  The above shot, from the Geoff Goodall collection was taken at Perth's Jandakot Airport in
                                        June 1968.