VH-BAT (2) Vickers 747 Viscount                                              (c/n   97)


                               This rare photograph shows VH-BAT as G-ANXV in full service, operating a schedule from
                               Sydney to Melbourne in 1955.   It was soon repainted VH-BAT (with an equally miniscule rego),
                               and a photograph of it as such appears as the second of  my three shots of it.  Butler acquired two
                               Viscounts (the other was VH-BUT).   Both were taken over by Ansett when they acquired Butler
                               in 1958, and  merged into the Ansett-ANA fleet.  VH-BAT was eventually re-registered VH-RMO,
                               but Richard Maclean managed to take the shot of it at Essendon in 1958 (the bottom shot, below)
                               before that happened.