VH-BAG  Lockheed 18-56 Lodestar     (c/n 2194)


                                  The above is a Jack Petersen photograph taken in front of the old Terminal building at Archer-
                                  field, Brisbane in 1947.  It depicts VH-BAG in the markings of Aircrafts, Pty Ltd  a forerunner
                                  of Queensland Airlines.  The name change was effected in October 1948.   The shot immediately
                                  below is of unknown provenance, but presumably taken at some time later before the disastrous
                                  loss of the aircraft on 10 Mar 1949.    At the foot of the page is a photo (with close up below) from
                                 Alan Sheppard showing -BAG at Casino, NSW just prior to this crash.   Alan's father, Milty Sheppard
                                 was a founder member of the Casino Aero Club.   The close up shows Capt Harry Keegan (tall pilot)
                                 who was aboard the aircraft with his family (although not the pilot in command) when it crashed.
                                 Alan's Dad is between the F/O and the hostess holding the prop.  
                                 For more complete details of the history of this aircraft and details of the crash go to: