VH-BAG (2)  Hughes 369HS                        (c/n  99-0126S)


VH-BAG was registered to Vowell Air Services on 11 Feb 1970, before going on to other
                                         owners.  Geoff Goodall's shot of it above was taken at Jandakot in May 1971.  Like its stable
                                         mate, VH-BAD, it was used in Antarctica and took part in the 1986-87 Scientific Expedition to
                                         Heard Island     (The third chopper used in this expedition was VH-HED).   Greg Banfield's
                                         photo of it (below) was taken at Bankstown in May 1970 when it was virtually band new. 
                                         Despite a rather serious crash in New Guinea in 1988 (where it failed to clear a 9,500 ft saddle),
                                         it was obviously repaired, since it was sold in February 1993 to New Zealand where it became
                                         ZK-HIA(2).  Its last Australian owner was Masling Rotor Wings of Cootamundra